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We provide freight forwarder.

Priority Logistics can help meet your needs quickly and conveniently. We provide some services such as moving and freight forwarding services from and to Indonesia which is fast and efficient.

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Courier serviceWe provide anther goods courier services.Courier service fee contact usDaily courier servicemonthly courier serviceannual contract courier serviceThe area that we handle is as follows:The cleaning service area that we handle is as follows:Freight services in JakartaFreight services in JabotabekAnther goods service in TangerangAnther goods services in JakartaAnther goods service in TangerangAnther goods service in JabotabekThe partnership with customers is still well maintained until now, they give confidence to PT. Jaya Utama Santikah in accordance with the field and capabilities.
This is a little reflection that PT. PT. Jaya Utama Santyahalah who wants to make better cooperation with customers and there is nothing new in the era of globalization and also impossible for us, technological progress will increase and be accurate. , PT. Jaya Utama Santikah is the best SOLOSI.Update : Bunga 05/12/2019

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