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update : Bunga 23/11/2019Building Cleaning Services (Water Treatment Activities) is a major part of Outsourcing Cleaning Service.The building management will feel comfortable if the water condition is smooth and there are no obstacles / blockages, for that a cleaning service officer at any time must mengonytrol water channel, dikwatirkan ada2 / dirt involved in it, need ndembersihkan for water smoothly.The stages of implementation of his work as follows:1. Check the condition of the list of water channels to be cleaned (Materials, Chemical used cleaning it, equipment work)2. Start work   - Check the condition of the drains   - Clean with a small brush that can reach the water channel   - Prepare chemical cleansers to break the blockage   - Mix chemical clogging with sucukpnya water   - Pour hot water so that fat / dirt can dissolve. ..repeat again   - And others concerning the treatment of drains

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