Jaya Utama Santikah

PT JAYA UTAMA SANTIKAH Cooperate for the management of work services as follows: Apartment cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service , cleaning service service pertokohan, cleaning service banking services, cleaning service warehousing services, cleaning service factory and other cleaning services. Maintenance services of parks, office maintenance services, office maintenance services, hospital garden maintenance services, park mall maintenance services, residential garden maintenance services, garden garden maintenance services, garden clinic maintenance services, garden care services shouroom, garden maintenance services pertokohan , and warehouse care services park, garden maintenance services at the factory and others. Services scurity apartments, office security services, security scurity services, hospitality scurity services, scurity mall services, housing scurity services, restaurant security services, clinical scurity services, scourge shouroom services, security services, and security warehousing services, scurity services at factory and others. Delevery services, coustemer service, parking services. Competitive price and quality Contract system annual, monthly and daily (job break)