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Update : Bunga  05/12/2019 Cleaning Service Banking Services Building Cleaning Services (AC Care Activities) is part and Service Outsourcing Cleaning Service. The indoor air of the office is uncomfortable if the air conditioner is dirty and dusty, for that it needs a per ac hygiene maintenance per week. This activity is done by cleaning service. The scope of ac cleaning work as follows: 1. Check the condition of air conditioner to be cleaned (Material, Chemical used cleaning it, work equipment) 2. Start work    - Check the AAC condition    - Clean with a small brush that can reach gril ac grille    - Prepare chemical cleanser to clean ac    - Mix chemical clogging with sucukpnya water    - Wipe with a soaked kanebo with water    - And others concerning ac channel care In order for the quality of air conditioning to stay awake for a long time, you must also use and maintain it properly. Here are some tips to maintain the quality of air conditioners in order not quickly damaged. We provide cleaning service and maintance air conditioning. Supported by professional and experienced workforce staff. In addition to these services, we also provide office boy office girl services, garden maintenance services for buildings or housing and other cleaning service services.



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