Services Description Apartment cleaning service


Building Cleaning Services (Wind Cleaning Activity) is part of Outsourcing Cleaning Service.

So that the building is always clean, tidy and beautiful need to do cleaning glass, list and windows.

The stages pelksanaan work as follows:

1. Check the condition of the glass list to be cleaned (Materials, Chemical used cleaning it, work equipment)

2. Start work

   - Check the condition of the glass

   - Clink / clean the glass

   - Wipe the sofa with a lap that easily absorbs water / kanebo

   - Prepare chemical glass cleaner

   - Mix the glas cleaner with sucukpnya water

   - Wiper / wipe glass

   - Rinse once more

   - Windshield Wiper (Dirt / dust)

   - Dry with a clean cloth.

   - And others concerning glass treatment.


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