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Note:  Today's prices and goods (Stock call)  Franko Jakarta prices  Prices do not include shipping  Prices are subject to change without prior notice  Price does not include 10% VAT  Payment up to 50% when PO and paid before sending  Items that have been ordered / purchased cannot be canceled 3 The first reason we invite cooperation in the procurement of goods / services. We are a legal entity (PT / Limited Liability Company). We make sure our transactions with us are safe. We have a clear office address and can be visited at any time. Our prices are transparent and the cheapest without hidden costs. Vital Records: Product Prices and Product Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Affordable prices, it will be very difficult for us to always provide (ready stock) every product that we offer on our website and we will be very happy to return if there are some products that are not ready stock and the length of time to order. We only this way, we can still maintain prices for us. EXPIRED DATE LONG (STOCK ALWAYS NEW) Before shipping the goods, we have checked and made sure that they are in good condition, except for the unpacked per carton purchase (complete packaging from the factory). Damage caused by the courier (especially Gojek) is not our responsibility. By yanti 08/08/2020 SKU 125-15

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