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Update : Bunga 05/12/2019

Cleaning the sofa is an integral part of the scope of cleaning service work The scope of cleaning work sofa as follows: 1. Check the condition of the sofa to be cleaned (Materials, Chemical used cleaning it, work equipment) 2. Start work   - Check the condition of the sofa   - Clink / clean sofa   - Wipe the sofa with a lap that easily absorbs water   - Prepare chemical cleaning / shamphoo wash sofa   - Mix the shampoo with sucukpnya water   - Brush / wipe the sofa   - Rinse once more   - Vacum sofa (Dirt / dust)   - Dry with blower   - If the condition is dry then cover with plastic / thin cloth so no dust attached.   - Sofa ready to be handed over to the owner / service user To be able to mobilize progress in the field of Cleaning Service, Garden And Security Care In this era of globalization it is time to be applied properly and professionally equipped with sophisticated equipment and equipment in hygiene and beauty care of this building related computerization and is an inseparable part of the company's management of course requires excellent support and reliable with all the effort and is supported by staff management who are experts in their field trying to always be in front. In the era of globalization Cleaning Service and Cleaning Service and information on the latest technology in the procurement. Partnership with customers until now is still well maintained, They give trust to PT. Jaya Utama Santikah according to the field and its ability. Here's a little picture that has been achieved PT. Jaya Utama Santikah so it is expected to open a better cooperation with customers And open opportunities with new customers. Opportunity does not come second time In the Era of Globalization And also we can not refuse, technological progress will be growing and it demands everything to be fast precise and accurate, PT. Jaya Utama Santikah Is The Best SOLOSI Call for other Service Outsourcing Cleaning Service needs

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